Need Renters? Let Us Help. No Yearly Fees.

Package includes
  • No Yearly fees
  • FREE listing on Affiliate sites
  • We build you a web page
  • We handle all inquiries
  • We book, collect rent in advance
  • We process renter's credit card
  • No Yearly Fees

We find renters for you. This package is ideal for cabin, condo, guest ranch, and ski condo owners who are not set up to accept payment from renters by credit card. We advertise for renters. We look after all the booking details. We field all inquiries, provide directions, answer e-mail inquiries, pre-qualify any prospective renters, and deal with the tire kickers. Most vacationers prefer to pay by credit card. We require renters to provide a sizeable credit card deposit upon booking. The remainder is charged to their credit card 30 days before they arrive. In the unlikely event of damage to the rental unit their credit card can be debited for any repairs. We also charge, collect, and submit the GST from the renters.

You provide us with your Vacation Accommodation information and we then build you a web page that is featured on our website. Any prospective renters contact us directly at Great West Cabins. We then double check our/your calendar for availability, then book. We also provide you with an online booking calendar so that you can schedule the weeks that your property is available for rent. You are free to use and rent your property when you want. All we ask is you keep your calendar up to date, so that no double bookings occur.

To see an example of many listings go to

We have prospective clients contacting us in regard to accommodation availability in different vacation destinations. We also generate client leads from paid classified ads, and association with affiliate websites.


  • Web site design - $500 to $2000 (not including search engine optimization)
  • Hosting of a website on a reliable, ad free server - $25 minimum per month
  • Newspaper ads Calgary Herald, Vancouver Sun - $125 per week - no guarantees
  • Property management rental broker - up to 50% of weekly rental - and you own the property?

Our package has no yearly fee. It has a one time $75.00 set up fee, which will be deducted from the first rental. We find renters for you, collect a rental deposit from them, make all the arrangements, submit GST, maintain your web page that we create for free, then send you a check.

Our service fee is 20% of the rental rate and is only collected when we rent your property.

Please Read The Following Agreement And Proceed To Information Form

  • The cabin must be clean and tidy, and kept in a state of overall safe repair.
  • Dishes, pots & pans, kettle/coffee maker & cutlery are required in every cabin.
  • Blankets and pillows are to be supplied for all beds. Unless in the case where renters supply there own.
  • The key to the cabin must be at a convenient nearby spot for the customer to pick up.
  • So there is no chance of double bookings, The cabin owner will keep an updated booking calendar. This calendar can be placed on owner's site as well. It will update both locations.
  • The total payment, less 20% service fee will be mailed to the cabin owner by Great West Cabins the first week of every month. This means if you had a booking the 3rd week of June, your cheque would be mailed out the 1st week in July.
  • Renters who are justifiably dissatisfied, due to owner's lack of up-keep of property or misleading information may be completely reimbursed their rental fee at the discretion of Great West Cabins.
  • Owners agree to supply and maintain public liability insurance. This coverage protects the renter, you the owner, and Great West Cabins against a wide variety of losses caused by unintentional hazards or unsafe conditions on your property.
  • Advise Great West Cabins within 7 days following each rental of any damages or poorly cleaned cabins.
  • Cabin Owner agrees to keep rental rates same as advertised elsewhere and to notify Great West Cabins of any changes in rental rates, as advertised or promoted elsewhere and to allow Great West Cabins to rent at advertised prices

Service Charges

Great West Cabins charges a service fee of 20% on collected funds. There is a one time $75.00 set up fee which covers the cost of setting up the owner's web page. This fee will be deducted from the first rental. There are no other associated charges for our services.

I / We accept the rental conditions as noted above. I / We warrant with Great West Cabins that I / We have the right to enter into this agreement and will indemnify and save harmless Great West Cabins, its agents and/or designate, from all claims and/or causes of actions against Great West Cabins, its agents, and/or designates by the renting client.

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Cabin Information
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Thank you for choosing Great West Cabins!